Thursday, April 18, 2013

16 months!

We love our little Westy boy. He turned 16 months on November 23rd. He is getting so big and talking a ton. His favorite words to say are dada and mama of course. He can also say Hayley, dog, ball, cat, duck, nose, eyes, papa, Lyza, Blaine, baby, hot, cold, more, ball in, and please…. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few more. Needless to say, my child is a genius! Haha He’s the sweetest boy ever. His favorite breakfast food is oatmeal. He loves it with just about anything on it. He loves to help me clean, especially sweeping… He also is way into shoes. He loves them! He wears a size 6 now. His favorite game to play is basketball with his little hoop and ball. Westen has the shooting and dunking part down. When he makes a basket he says “ OOOH Ball in!” Haha he is the cutest little thing. We have totally been blessed to have him in out home.

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