Monday, April 23, 2012

9 months old

Westen is 9 months today!!! He is such a fun and active kid... He has a checkup tomorrow, so I'll be able to see what percentile he is in everything... Westen has been into everything lately. He eats anything that is left on the floors. I could vacuum a million times and he would still be able to find something in the carpet haha. Some of the things he has been able to do so far is....
-Stand up in the middle of the room for a couple of seconds
-He can take 1-2 steps without help
-walks along the furniture to get to wherever he is going
-has 6 teeth so far (more on the way)
-Still wakes up 4 times a night- (maybe one day he'll sleep through the night... still hopeful lol)
-Favorite thing to go after is shoes (flips them over and licks the bottom- disgusting) 
-Had his 1st hair cut
-his 3 favorite words are hi, mama, and dada
-he can clap
-Learning how to through a ball (next is dribbling!)
-he waves
-he rolls his tongue to make noises
-he loves to play peek a boo
-he still nurses but occasionally will eat carrots and only carrots (hates everything else so far)
-Hates the taste of formula but like goats milk
-LOVES swimming- we took him a couple days ago and it was freezing but he was laughing and splashing the whole time... didn't want to get out!

 loves his cousins
 Loves to get dirty!
 our little fishy!

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